The Art of The Break

Burnout does not have to be the price of success in the workplace. There is an art in breaking from the norms for better ways of working together and there are many people leading the way at all levels. We bring you their stories and strategies, which may help you to lead change in your work and for others; with mindfulness and resilience.
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Improving health and business through The Art of The Break. Conversations with inspiring people who are creating paths to better ways of working.

Feb 27, 2017

Laurie Mitchell, is AVP of Global Wellbeing and Health Management at Unum.  I have known of Laurie for over a decade and have admired her ability to create healthy work programs and benefits that actually improve health.  She talks about creating environments for employees that "make the healthiest choice the easiest choice," and works to support work/life integration for her employee population.  She also values a good night's sleep - music to my ears!  

Feb 13, 2017

What are the most positive management or work culture experiences from your career?  Join me in 6 short interviews to learn about their experiences.  I talk with Dan Sexton, Lauren Reid, Eli Dolloff, Gretchen Johnson, Laura Sprinkle, and Adrian Espinoza.

This is a great reminder that the smallest example in management can influence someone for a lifetime.

Feb 6, 2017

Join our discussion and learn how to apply mindfulness in the workplace.  Where else are you investing in an employee program with a 99.9% satisfaction rate?

Tara Healey is the founder and director of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s Mind the Moment program. 

Tara initially joined Harvard Pilgrim as an health educator and organizational development professional in its HR department, a position which she occupied for over 20 years. She brought a mindfulness course to Harvard Pilgrim’s own staff members in 2006, long before mindfulness had hit the mainstream