The Art of The Break

Burnout does not have to be the price of success in the workplace. There is an art in breaking from the norms for better ways of working together and there are many people leading the way at all levels. We bring you their stories and strategies, which may help you to lead change in your work and for others; with mindfulness and resilience.
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Improving health and business through The Art of The Break. Conversations with inspiring people who are creating paths to better ways of working.

Dec 26, 2016

Learn how WTF improves workplace environments, employee experience, and productivity. We also discover CAMP, a valuable acronym that describes our inner needs at work. Join me in conversation with Lisa Whited, Owner of WTF, Workplace Transformation Facilitation.

Dec 16, 2016

Fabienne talks with us about managing a busy life and staying focused on The One Thing that matters most.  She weaves humor, energy, intuition, and love into a life filled with the essentials. Fabienne Raphael is an author, speaker, and CEO of Marketing To Crush Your Competitors. Learn more at

Dec 16, 2016

Dawn brings thoughtful strategy to reframing breaks in our day as opportunitiy.  Learn about thought habits, trust, and healthy responses to stressful environments.  She discusses the importance of pauses, questions, and curiosity, as well as fun 5 second awareness practices.  Dawn Kotzer is a Coach, Inner Wellness Guide and founder of The Mad Explorers Club. You can learn more about her work at


Dec 16, 2016

Launches Monday, December 19th.

In this episode I talk about how The Art of The Break begins.  We are working in increasingly stressful environments.  I believe we need to have conversations and join together to change our work habits and improve work environments.  Join me as we launch weekly discussions on this compelling topic. Leave a comment below or send private comments and questions, or recommendations for people to include on the show to