The Art of The Break

Burnout does not have to be the price of success in the workplace. There is an art in breaking from the norms for better ways of working together and many people are leading the way - at all levels. Join the conversations to inspire change in your work and for others; with mindfulness and resilience.
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Improving health and business through The Art of The Break. Conversations with inspiring people who are creating paths to better ways of working.

Apr 24, 2017

What if there was a simple and effective tool that could help children who suffer from trauma, kids who put too much pressure on themselves, those with special needs, and perhaps kids who have been bullied.  Something that could help the child while also helping the teacher.

Julie Campilio has created a simple and powerful solution and she has put it into practice for the past 10 years in schools, positively impacting students (3-18), teachers, and parents. (

Julie struggled with an anxiety and attention deficit disorder since she was a child. Yoga and mindfulness helped her overcome years of panic attacks and medication, so she founded Radiant Beginnings Yoga to help others focus naturally and manage stress in their own lives.

While teaching in 2008, she saw an immediate change in students who were having difficulty self-regulating and managing stress. Watching students shift from anxious, impulsive and unfocused to calm and focused is what drove her to share holistic self-coping strategies through yoga and mindfulness. She is using yoga and mindfulness strategies to increase focus, attention, self- awareness and self-regulation.

Quote from a young student:

“After recess, I was really mad at someone in here.  During the video, I looked over at that person and now I just feel calm.  I forgot why I was even mad at that person.”

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Apr 3, 2017

If you work with a phone or computer, chances are meetings are a regular part of your day.  Many people I work with attend meetings for 6 to 7 hours each day; particularly those with national and global companies. Nearly everyone I interviewed told me that the meetings they attend are not very effective and the work could be handled in a better way.

Several years ago, when working at a large global bank, I attended a training on better meetings which changed the way I manage meetings every day.  This simple process also gives me more time in each day.

In addition, I have included links to short, interactive tools to start your meetings better.  You can help people leave the stress from what they just came from and allow everyone to connect and be present for the meeting you are in. Plus, when you are known for starting meetings with an activity, people tend to show up on time.