The Art of The Break

Burnout does not have to be the price of success in the workplace. There is an art in breaking from the norms for better ways of working together and many people are leading the way - at all levels. Join the conversations to inspire change in your work and for others; with mindfulness and resilience.
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Improving health and business through The Art of The Break. Conversations with inspiring people who are creating paths to better ways of working.

Jan 30, 2017

Join Jessica Sinsheimer (Twitter: @jsinsheim)and Julie Kingsley(Twitter: @juliekingsley) as they share insights learned through their work as co-founders of There is no need to hate your Google Calendar or fight with your schedule. Learn tips to find balance in the world of writing and creative work. 

Jessica talks about creating macro impact with micro breaks and shares wisdom from one of her mentors. Julie has ideas to re-charge your perspective physically and mentally, while improving your productivity. Plus, you get to hear the story of how The Manuscript Academy was founded.

Jan 23, 2017

Join me in conversation with Dr. Glenn Cummings, President of the University of Southern Maine.  He talks about leading USM's efforts in becoming a Best Place to Work and ends our interview with a special story about Joshua Chamberlain.  He touches on Macro Accountability and Micro Freedoms; and holding Administration accountable. USM is embracing diversity, customer service (student satisfaction), and leadership training. Glenn shares his views on the difference between a manager and a leader and building employee loyalty through a little flexibility. 

Jan 16, 2017

Dave Perron, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine ( talks about the power of mentoring; a beautiful way to take a break.  With more organizations paying for employees to volunteer, being a mentor can change your life and theirs.  As the Executive Director of a successful and demanding non-profit, he also shares ideas to reward your employees and how to recharge yourself.

Jan 9, 2017

Special Episode: To share a few lessons and influencers from 2016; and set 2017 with intention.  We are on this journey to disrupt how many are working together.  Send me your ideas for 2017 at  Thank you for being part of this community! Elizabeth

Jan 2, 2017

What do 1,000 Employees have in common from CEO to laborer? Find out in a conversation with Francesca Gino, author of Sidetracked and the HBR Series: Rebel Talent. She shares surprising behavior observations, talks about how decisions get derailed, and how to be better in our work. Francesca is a behavioral scientist and a professor at Harvard Business School. You can learn more at